New Co-op Gold Beer
August 3, 2023

South Country Co-op Liquor is carrying a brand new Co-op product that's light, refreshing and has a clean taste! It's our Co-op Gold Beer that you can get in Lager, Light and Pilsner. 

This beer is unique in that it's created using Alberta-grown crops and is brewed in Saskatchewan--a true Prairie delight! Grain farmer, Darren Antos, says, “Both my wife’s family, as well as my family, have been farming for close to 100 years. Supporting local is a proven business model that benefits everyone,” said Antos. “It’s important to support local communities to ensure they continue to thrive, and maintain the products and services we have come to appreciate.”

Learn more about how this beer is a Co-op product, through and through, here and grab a 6-pack next time you're stocking your fridge!

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