January 12, 2021

Congratulations to the winners of our Christmas giveaways!! All winners have been notified. 

Christmas Winners:

Google Nest Winners

  • Jean McKendry  Northlands
  • Dryden Gris  Eagle Butte
  • Marcel Desjarlais  13th Ave
  • Penny Banister  Brooks
  • Tyler Daniels  Chinook
  • Wanda Chisholm  Westgate
  • Danita Musfelt  Redcliff
  • Dana Blaseth  Strachan 

Apple Airpods

  • Kathy Deibert  Northlands
  • Pam Nelson  Eagle Butte
  • Dawna Penner  13th Ave
  • Chad Parker  Brooks
  • Kimberly Wasolowych  Chinook
  • Mike Beitel  Westgate
  • Austin Lepp  Redcliff
  • Sarah Cahill  Strachan

43" TV

  • Holly Rigsby  Northlands
  • Loreli Polachic  Eagle Butte
  • Lorraine Kelanger  13th Ave
  • Wally Stewart  Brooks
  • Nola Kast  Chinook
  • Noah Auger  Westgate
  • Stephanie Lessner  Redcliff
  • Tyler Sas  Strachan

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